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A cosmically jam-packed webinar unveiling the energies of 2021 so that you can gain a deeper understanding on how to navigate your year ahead

As above so below, as within so without.


You are not separate from all that is, you are intrinsically linked to the cosmos and therefore part of a much larger story than what you’ve been told…


For thousands of years people have looked to the stars to guide them into a deeper understanding of their earthly journey, living in rhythm with nature and the cosmic cycles and recognizing the vital relationship between the celestial bodies and their physical bodies experiencing life here on Earth. 

Join Intuitive Astrology, Danielle Paige as she breaks down the energy forecast for 2021 in easy to understand terms in this 2-hour webinar. This is for everyone even if you’re not an astrologer or have never looked at a birth chart before! 

You will learn, you will laugh, and you will open your mind’s eye to larger possibilities than what you thought before. This is the energy of 2021 - we are moving into the age of higher consciousness. Old programming is shedding and new higher frequencies are integrating into your cosmic body.

On this call we go over:

  • The overall themes for 2021

  • The different layers of Astrology and why it’s important to you

  • The difference between the collective transits vs. your personal ones

  • A quick overview on how to pull up your personal birth chart

  • The eclipses for this year and the collective energy they bring in

  • Mercury Retrograde dates and the theme for each

  • Venus Retrograde dates and the theme

  • The main element of Air and what it ushers in for you

  • The heavy hitter transits for 2021 and how you can best utilize these energies in your life

    And so much more!


Instant Access!

2021: Your Cosmic Blueprint includes a 2-hour webinar recording, a meditation, a MP3 version of the webinar, a reflection journal and a PDF of the presentation that includes all the important astrological dates of 2021!


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The 2021 blueprint was so incredible expansive. I heard a Mary Magdalene quote that “ascension is actually descension into your heart” this is exactly what Danielle speaks to. Staying rooted in your heart and not allowing external chaos to shake you. It was also SO eye opening to move through the 2020 astrology to give greater insight into the WHY behind so much last year – it was also incredibly liberating hearing 2020 was the end of a cycle and 2021 is the true beginning of something new. I’m an Astrology Mystery School student of Danielle’s and I’ve been participating in her monthly New Moon Healing Circles and to say she activates the magic within us is an understatement. The cosmic blueprint was captivating, digestible, exciting and enriching. I am so excited to listen to the recording – this will definitely be a resource I turn back to frequently throughout the year. Thank you for all you do, Danielle!

- @phoebemarie___


If you're into astrology and how to manage the shifts taking place and navigate this year you won't want to miss the Cosmic Blueprint webinar. My GAWD so much good info to shed old programming and align with the new frequencies and vibration we're heading towards as a collective to live in authentic alignment! TY Danielle you were so generous with your time and knowledge.  


It was so informative and magical! Got chills multiple times as well!!


It was absolutely magical, amazing. I learned so much! Don’t know much about astrology, and it was very well explained. Now I want to take your courses!!


Loved it!!! Tons of info and so empowering.



Your Cosmic Blueprint recording is so incredibly powerful!!  There is so much information and real energetic downloads were given. You are the best!! Thank you for all you do & all you are.