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Move into your future timeline and align with your purpose! 

Your north node in your astrological birth chart is the key to understanding one of the main reasons your soul incarnated + your soul's purpose!

Welp….that is priceless!!! :)

 You've been asking for this for years and it’s finally ready to make it’s way earth-side!!!

And yes we will be talking about the south node too! And past lives, parallel lives, and your multidimensional selves! :)

Don't know what the south node is?

Not even sure how to read your chart?

No problem! I will break it down and show you how important the nodal axis is to YOUR LIFE!

I can guarantee your south node is connected to the behavioral programs that are keeping you stuck!

Yet it also points to gifts you have! Don't worry, I will break that down! So much to discuss!

This instant access masterclass is for you if you want to:

  • Understand one of the main reasons you incarnated on earth (This is connected to your soul's evolutionary journey not your ego mind trying to run the show!)

  • Learn how YOU, yes you, with your own personal birth chart can move forward in life

  • Learn how to get unstuck (you each have patterns you keep repeating over and over again with the south node) 

  • Find your soul's purpose 

  • Learn about your gifts and talents that you are here to share with the world

  • And so much more! (There's always more with me!) 

Yup! That’s how beautiful astrology is and before you ask you don’t have to know how to read a chart. I’m going to show you how to pull it up and find your nodal axis to help you navigate your life journey with more ease. 

Important note so there is zero confusion :)

This is not a full out astrology course. That is my Astrology Mystery School that currently launches once a year and is 10 weeks long for level 1 alone. 


 This masterclass will not show you how to be an astrologer - that is impossible. Astrology is a beautiful craft that takes time to understand, & we will not be going over aspects (that is level 1 as well) but...


I dive into one of the most SACRED points in your chart to help you hack your way to a deeper understanding of your life path and a clearer more direct journey of self!

(I wish I had this info when I was going through my first awakening!!) 

What I will show you is...

  • How to find your north node (your soul's purpose)
  • How to find your south node (the patterns that are keeping you stuck & also your gifts!)

  • How important the nodal axis is to understanding your SOUL’S EVOLUTIONARY JOURNEY in this life time and...

  • I'm going to go through ALL the signs

  • AND all the houses.

*Note: This is way more than I can even touch on in my level 2 Astrology Mystery School. 

Also, don’t know what a house is? No problem, you’re about to learn! 

This is one of the most
important astro hacks I’ve done!

*An astro hack is my fun term for hacking your birth chart, which we will be doing.

We focus on one area in the chart and go deep.

No I can’t tell you everything I will cover beyond what I just told you above :) I channel the material and we always get deep! 

 And yes, this is an activation because that is how my field works. 

This masterclass is going to help you understand why you came to earth, 

What major lessons you’re learning,

What are the behavioral patterns that are keeping you stuck and in a loop,

What direction your soul is asking you to go & so much more!


This course is priceless! And will give you more personal value than most of the $10,000 courses that are out there! :)


Why? Because we are not guessing, we are not going in circles, we are getting RIGHT into your SOUL’S BLUEPRINT to hep you live the life of your dreams!


Are you ready? I can' wait!!!!


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Instant Access

2.5 Hour Masterclass


  *No refunds, only empowered decisions to uplevel our lives!

NOTE: You need your exact birth time BUT if you don't know it we can still find out what sign your nodes are in -  we just won't know the house. But with the signs it will still tell you A LOT about your soul journey! 


All sales are final so please make sure this is what your heart desires.

By signing up for North Node you agree to the terms and conditions. Danielle Paige is not a medical doctor and is not responsible for any illness or injuries (emotional or physical) that occur on or before the date and times of this course. 

Questions? Please email Support at [email protected] for any questions regarding the course.

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I finally got some time to watch your incredible class. Thank you for creating this and also for creating it in the way where we could watch and be apart of it later on couldn’t make the live.

 - Amanda 

I signed up last minute for this North Node masterclass and so happy I did, it was amazing Danielle!! Learned so much and it got me thinking about my soul’s journey in a completely new way. Thank you, you are a gift to this timeline. I can’t even say how much grateful I am for the wisdom I received today. I am doing level 1 already. I wanted level 2 & 3 as well. I cnat imagine the knowledge I’ll get to understand myself.

- Jashodha 

Even after learning about the nodes in AMS Level 2 already, I found this so helpful. There's so much juicy info and I'm looking forward to watching the replay to truly understand it all and integrate it!! Love everything you teach and your sense of humor. :)

- Gabriella 

Thank you for a beautiful masterclass.  I always enjoy listening to you, you have such playful energy, it makes me happy and I learn a lot.

- Laura 

Hi Danielle! I was in your north mode masterclass last night! W.O.W. it really opened my eyes and really the more I think about it, it's already changed my life. As a single 38 yo I've been hard on myself thinking I need to slow down and find my someone finally. But my 10th house Gemini north node/ Sag south node doesn't align with that completely. My pursuit is holding me back. But the veil has been lifted and I have a whole different direction. A powerful direction! Thank you for all that you do!

- Julie 

I finally got some time to watch your incredible class. Thank you for creating this and also for creating it in the way where we could watch and be apart of it later on couldn’t make the live.



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Danielle Paige is an International Soul Astrologer, Intuitive, Spiritual Teacher, host of Cosmic Body Podcast and Founder of Purposely Divine: School For Your Soul and an ACTIVATOR (pssst just even read her posts online and your consciousness changes!) A self-taught astrologer, who’s been reading the stars for lifetimes, she continued her studies with some of the worlds top astrologers. She then devoted herself to learning different types of healing to create her own style of spiritual medicine. By fusing astrology, energetic healing and intuition, she is able to tap into her clients subconscious and help them heal their wounds, old patterns, and come back home to their heart. Danielle has given talks on mysticism and astrology at Glossier Headquarters in NYC, Soho House Malibu, Scorpios Mykonos, Greece, The Assemblage Nomad and has traveled to over 32 countries bringing women together and leading retreats in Hawaii, 2 on the Greek Island of Kythnos as 1 in Mykonos. Her work has been featured in Vogue Netherlands, Goop, London Standard, The Numinous, Thought Catalog, JDate, CBS Radio and more!

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Thank you so much, Danielle! Nobody activates me like you do. I feel so seen in your courses it’s incredible. Like you say it’s a remembering and I absorb all the knowledge you offer so seamlessly, it seems. I just cannot thank you enough for helping me connect deeper with myself.

- Stephanie 

Excellent class. I needed an upgrade and things make more sense now, was the perfect time thank you Danielle

- Jeff 

It was PHENOMENAL. Also, your class helped me realize the karmic connection and challenges with my mom. She’s NN Cap and SN cancer in the 5th house, and I’m NN cancer and SN cap in the 5th house.

- Alejandra 

It was so amazing as usual! Thank you for sharing your gifts! 

I signed up last minute for this North Node masterclass and so happy I did, it was amazing Danielle!! Learned so much and it got me thinking about my soul’s journey in a completely new way. Thank you, you are a gift to this timeline.

- Sona 

This has been the most amazing journey!

The classes are all so juicy. Danielle Paige you are a wonderful wonderful teacher! I am so grateful we have the recorded classes to go over again and again. I learned and am learning so so much. The most important thing I learned about myself is that I need community. So when I get the urge to go off grid and live in the mountains and not have human contact I can know according to my chart this is my shadow and wounded side at play.

- Jennifer 

Hi Danielle, I wanted to thank you for putting on this course. I have always been interested in astrology since a little girl and back in the 90’s use to call the daily free horoscope readings. For the past year I have been researching my husband, sons and mine charts and was talking about it and the course this week in my women’s intuitive development circle.

They were mesmerize by the knowledge that I could share when one of them pulled up there chart Aries sun with ac and moon conjunction in cancer she understood why she has more of a cancer feel to her. Well they are pushing me out of my comfort zone and asking me to do mini reading for energetic exchanges.

I want you thank you again for putting on this course and allowing me to pursue a passion I have had since a child. Send you love and light my friend.

- Alyssa