A 9 Week Course that takes you on a soul journey... 


to understand hidden aspects of your soul as well as the timing and cycles of your life.

Your soul is speaking to you and it's saying you're ready!!

You're ready to go even deeper into understanding who you are!

This course is for you if:

You understand the basics of astrology either at a hell yesss level 


you studied it but you're at an, "I'm still confused but saw how life changing astrology is kind of level and want to keep learning!!"

In this course we're gong deeeeep as it's very concentrated and will be life changing just like level 1.

What you will need: 

A basic understanding of signs, planets, houses, elements, and aspects. 

It's ok if you fall in the category of "I can only sometimes put it all together but I'm still a little confused and searching for more about your soul's journey"

As I said in level 1 it takes about 3 years to really master the basics so...

the more you hear it, 

the more you immerse yourself in it,

the more you learn it, 

the more you'll begin to understand the path of your soul!

Think of it like this. 

If you're learning Italian for example and only take 1 class you can't expect to truly speak the language. 

The language of the stars is no different! 

Let's continue your soul journey and dive deeper into the mystic.....

If you're ready to be fluent with your soul, Astrology Mystery School Level 2 is for you! 


Your birth chart evolves as you do.

As you know, 

your birth chart shows your deeply ingrained behavioral patterns 

and as you grow and get into deeper layers of who you are 

your birth chart mirrors your consciousness 

so when you evolve to a new level you begin to understand your chart on a deeper level as well. 

In this level 2 course you'll learn about timing and cycles in your life

how to find deeper levels of your karma and dharma, 

your past life energy which is your hidden gift, 

AND also the stuff that people go to therapy for! 

We will also dive into the mystic by learning about Egyptian terms and what the nature of your planets really are as well as what your specific planets are that help you and the ones that are a little "rough around the edges".​

Understanding these deeper aspects creates a better understanding of your soul's journey and brings more peace to your life!

Remember, the more you hear it the more it clicks so we'll be reviewing at first then diving into new concepts that are going to make your jaw drop (at least 3 times!) ;)

Lastly, don't feel bad if you're still a little confused. Welcome to astrology! And ps, I'm still learning myself (as all professional astrologers should be) and I will learn until I am 100+ years old.

The more you hear it, 

the more you feel it, 

then the more you live it. 

  • This a pre-recorded course - you will have access to everything instantly!
  • There are 9 recorded calls
  • Each class is 1-1.5 hours long and can be done at your own pace

This Mystery School Level 2 is right for you if: 


You have a basic understanding of the foundations of astrology...


You’ve dabbled with birth charts and need help pulling it all together to make sense of your soul story... 




You want to read charts for other people and make a living on your own terms! 

About Danielle Paige

Danielle Paige is an International Soul Astrologer, Intuitive, Spiritual Teacher, host of Cosmic Body Podcast and Founder of Purposely Divine: School For Your Soul. A self-taught astrologer, who’s been reading the stars for lifetimes, she continued her studies with some of the worlds top astrologers. She then devoted herself to learning different types of healing to create her own style of spiritual medicine. By fusing astrology, energetic healing and intuition, she is able to tap into her clients subconscious and help them heal their wounds, old patterns, and come back home to their heart. Danielle has given talks on mysticism and astrology at Glossier Headquarters in NYC, Soho House Malibu, Scorpios Mykonos, Greece, The Assemblage Nomad and has traveled to over 32 countries bringing women together and leading retreats in Hawaii, 2 on the Greek Island of Kythnos as 1 in Mykonos. Her work has been featured in Vogue Netherlands, London Standard, The Numinous, Thought Catalog, JDate, CBS Radio and more! 

I'm so passionate about this teaching people the language of the stars! 

Astrology is real, just as real as the breath you take.

It's all a vibration and when you can understand the archetypes you can understand your purpose more!


You can absolutely take this course with me if you took level 1 with another teacher. In fact it's important to learn a variety of styles so you know what works for you. 


This has been the most amazing journey! 

The classes are all so juicy. Danielle Paige you are a wonderful wonderful teacher! I am so grateful we have the recorded classes to go over again and again. I learned and am learning so so much. The most important thing I learned about myself is that I need community. So when I get the urge to go off grid and live in the mountains and not have human contact I can know according to my chart this is my shadow and wounded side at play.

- Jennifer

I trusted my gut and signed up for astrology mystery school and that was the best thing I’ve ever done for myself.

 - Haley
This class was amazing and I am so sad it’s over but am looking forward to level 2! I think I definitely need to rewatch all of the classes a few more times since there was so much information in them but you are an excellent teacher and have a great way of explaining things. Thank you so much!

Yes omg. Danielle. I’m tearing up. I wish I knew this when I was younger. But it’s okay. I know it now and it’s divine timing and I feel so understood! Sooo grateful I know you blessing humanity with all your knowledge and grace wow. Deeply grateful. thank you. Beautiful advice !!! And practical. 

I am absolutely loving everything I've learned so far. Thank you for this class and sharing your gift with us.

 - Emily

Danielle! You're a fantastic teacher. I feel so good about taking this course. I feel more in tune with energy and myself, and I'm ready to dive deeper! I honestly have even more questions about astrology now, but I think thats a good thing!

 - Darby

I’m catching up on Astro School Level 2 right now. My Saturn return is just starting and my Saturn opposes my Chiron. I just wanted you to know how deeply profound and helpful your lessons are. It’s therapy. IT’S LITERAL THERAPY. My lessons are all around self and self worth and identity and you just pointed them out right there for me and it’s so freeing to see that I’m doing ok by learning these things now and with these tools I can be so much more compassionate about my lessons in this lifetime. All that to say thank you thank you thank you. I am my own guru (as you taught me) but you are a bloody fantastic guide on this journey xx

You have no idea what you’ve done for us!!! This course... idk if it was timing or just simply magic!

Class seriously expanded my brain LOL I feel like I am a whole different person than who I was when class began...Thank you for being such an amazing teacher & for creating this space for us, galactic family. I am now rewatching and creating a cheat-spreadsheet for myself LOL Cannot wait for class 2, 3, 4 & 5 !!!

 - Wendy

Hi Danielle, I wanted to thank you for putting on this course. I have always been interested in astrology since a little girl and back in the 90’s use to call the daily free horoscope readings. For the past year I have been researching my husband, sons and mine charts and was talking about it and the course this week in my women’s intuitive development circle. 

They were mesmerize by the knowledge that I could share when one of them pulled up there chart Aries sun with ac and moon conjunction in cancer she understood why she has more of a cancer feel to her. Well they are pushing me out of my comfort zone and asking me to do mini reading for energetic exchanges.

I want you thank you again for putting on this course and allowing me to pursue a passion I have had since a child. Send you love and light my friend. 

- Alyssa

I seriously will never read a horoscope again after taking your astrology mystery school!! Hahaa loved the class tonight! So excited to study this weekend! And can’t wait for next weeks class. 

Astrology mystery school is blowing my mind!! I feel like I have this tool now that allows me to better know myself and others. I can’t wait to keep learning and go deeper!

- Helena

  • Review/fundamentals of level 1
  • Cheat sheet: Tightest aspects 
  • Retrograde planets
  • Planetary configurations
  • South node & north node 
  • Your soul's calling & the unique story of your evolutionary journey  
  • "Past life energy"  
  •  The secrets of the 12th house & your hidden gifts
  • Chiron - how it's the bridge & points to purpose 
  • Exploring the benefits of the Sun as king
  • Special aspects to the sun and what it means. 
  • Understanding Sects - Day & Night teams and what planets in your chart are more supportive
  • Feeling into your moon in more depth and how it guides your psyche 
  • Diving deeper into the mystic -Egyptian Terms 
  • Transits - Tracking the unique cycles of your soul and conscious awakening  
  • How to read them, what they are, and where to start
  • Transits - diving deeper
  • Saturn Return and why it feels so important to everyone  
  • Transits - pulling it all together 
  • Profections - key themes for your specific year ahead
  • Transit Implementation  
  • Pulling it all together
  • Celebrity charts and some example from students in class 

*There will be no refunds with this course. 

All sales are final so please make sure this is what your heart desires. 

By purchasing this course you agree to these terms and conditions. 

By signing up for Astrology Mystery School you agree to the terms and conditions. Danielle Paige is not a medical doctor and is not responsible for any illness or injuries (emotional or physical) that occur on or before the date and times of this course. By signing up you also agree that all sales are final.

Questions? Please email Support at [email protected] for any questions regarding the course. 


By far, the greatest part of this course was Danielle, Elisa, and this community. It doesn't seem like there is anyone out there that teaches on a comparable level, from the heart and intuitive energies. This has been the gamechanger for why I've been so inspired and motivated on this journey of self-discovery. 

While it's often been discouraging to hear things like "the possibilities are endless" when the monkey mind wants to know the exact details, the way Danielle taught it is so empowering and really stresses the non-relevance of "right" and "wrong" which I think we all attach to at some point. My gratitude is through the roof (the sky, the heavens! Lol) for this opportunity and the work everyone put in to make it happen. And the journey has only just begun.

- Nicole

We're barely half way though level 1 and im already day dreaming about level 2. So grateful you chose to share your knowledge and gifts. This is probably the first thing ive done for "myself" since becoming a mom (my oldest is 7.. yikes!) And even my husband noticed how much being a part of your course and learning astrology has just LIT ME UP! Ive said it before and ill say it again (and probably again..) thank you Danielle!!

I've loved the course, it's been amazing. I have learnt so much about myself and I'll continue to learn more about my chart to further understand my purpose. Thank you again  P.s. looking forward to the next class, part 2 when that's ready, I will definitely be signing up.

- Brooke

Yes omg. Danielle. I’m tearing up. I wish I knew this when I was younger. But it’s okay. I know it now and it’s divine timing and I feel so understood! Sooo grateful I know you blessing humanity with all your knowledge and grace wow. Deeply grateful. thank you. Beautiful advice !!! And practical. 

I am absolutely loving everything I've learned so far. Thank you for this class and sharing your gift with us.

- Layla

I have been interested in astrology for so long and have been hunting & gathering pieces from here and there. I’ve followed various folks on IG and tried to get inspired and learn more from them and they didn’t resonate with me. Mostly due to a lack of authenticity. I love that you are so intuitive (you share messages you know we are seeking), and you are so authentic, honest, and straightforward. I’m a Taurus with my Merc in Aries, too, so that probably accounts for some of the reason your message and way of sharing it connects with me. I’m enrolled in your mystery course and even after 1 session, I am beyond grateful (like, heart explosion level) to be learning from YOU. Thank you for empowering us by sharing your gift.

For reals though! Thank you for encouraging me to move past my ego and fear of well I shouldn’t cause financial bs... I am so happy I am part of this class and the way you teach it is honestly so perfect. I already ordered 2 of the books you recommended which will be my weekend reads lol. Hoping to finally catch a live call next Wednesday, but either way it’s so good!

​- Kasey

Thank you so much for being a fantastic teacher and always keeping it real. I’ve never been so excited to learn something my whole life!! I really love astrology and can’t wait to continue on this journey. 

I must share that you said a few things at the beginning of our first class that were like woah. Such a clear message to me that I am doing EXACTLY what I need to be at this time! So thank you deeply for that! 

 - Kymberly

This Mystery School Level 2 is right for you if: 

  • You want to gain more clarity on your purpose.

  • Are intrigued by the mysteries of the Universe and want to know more

  • Want to understand yourself on a deeper level as you are evolving yourself. 

  • Desire to understand how the language of the stars that impacts your personal cycles.

  • Want to continue reading birth charts of your friends and lovers in order to understand them better.

  • Are a mystical soul in a material world!!



Thank you, Danielle, and thank you to everyone in this class for being on this journey together!! 

- Chelsea

I am absolutely loving everything I've learned so far. Thank you for this class and sharing your gift with us.

- Brittany

I've loved the course, it's been amazing. I have learnt so much about myself and I'll continue to learn more about my chart to further understand my purpose. Thank you again  P.s. looking forward to the next class, part 2 when that's ready, I will definitely be signing up.

- Roshni

Astrology intrigued me but seemed so daunting to try and learn. Then one day I came across Danielle on Instagram and started following her work. I followed for a while then signed up for her Astrology course. She did all the lessons through a live video and then saved and sent the videos to the participants. 

There were a few classes I missed the live video but was easily able to watch and study it later. Danielle presented the information in an easy to understand way (which I greatly appreciated!!). I knew absolutely nothing about astrology before starting the course, and by the end I was able to correctly guess the name of the Mystery Person’s chart we were given as homework to interpret! 

I also really appreciated that Danielle stressed nothing is “good” or “bad” in a birth chart, it is all just energy and lessons that can be played out in many different ways. Danielle really knows her stuff! I would definitely recommend this course!

- Sophia

Thank you so much for all of this beautiful information, everyday I'm seeing more and more of these connections come to life. 

- Andrea

 I’m studying my own chart extensively, and it’s amazing how much insight I’m gaining into who I am. Danielle- this class has been amazing. I have learned so much from you, and you are an amazing teacher!

 - Christi

I feel like learning to read the chart has really opened my eyes to be able to understand people more deeply.

 As for myself, I feel that the understanding of the archetypes and what patterns are ingrained in me are going to help guide me into the higher vibrations more quickly because now I can see why/how /where things are playing out, and how I can use the energies differently.

 - Loretta