Learn how to read your Birth Chart and how to track your UNIQUE Progressed Moon Phase 

In this Astrohack 1 and 2 I walk you through STEP BY STEP on the following:

  • How and where to pull up your birth chart
  • Introduction to the astrological wheel and the design of it
  • Introduction to the sign, planets, and houses
  • Understand the basics on how to read the degrees and what they mean
  • How to read the tick marks in the chart to find the current energy
  • You will practice on my chart, Meghan Markle's and Oprah's
  • What your natal moon is/means for your soul & how it's different than your progressed moon
  • What your progressed moon is
  • How to pull up a progressed chart
  • Why the progressed moon is one of the most important and helpful ways to work with the Universal energy
  • How to find what sign your progressed moon is in  


I do an impromptu mini psychic/astrology reading on Meghan's chart so you can see what it's like! I also go through EVERY sign and tell you what the energy means for each Progressed Moon phase so that you can understand YOUR own cycle! Mic drop... :)

OMG! My whole life makes sense after watching the Progressed Moon Astro Hack. I see everything so much more clearly. I see the energies at play through different parts of my life going back through my more recent years (6ish) It’s so fascinating! I’m in awe! I’m one month shy of moving into Pisces from Aquarius energy. I’m excited! Can’t wait to go into the new energy consciously and see what this next moon phase will feel like! This Astro Hack was juicy! Thank you for making it Danielle Paige! I learned so much and I’m so excited to have a little more understanding of myself and my life! 


- Dannielle B.



By the end of Astro Hack 1, you will know how to locate all the important upcoming cosmic energies so you can start to become your own astrologer! And by the end of Astro Hack 2, you'll know what Progressed Moon phase you are in, for how much longer, and what that means for your SOUL's JOURNEY. 


Questions? Contact the support team at [email protected]

Astrohack: Progressed Moon provided so much clarity for me regarding why my energy is being channeled the way it has been for a while and really gave me the freedom to lean into and explore what this cycle has to offer! I can’t thank you enough for creating these webinars for us - they’re each like a little (read: massive) trove of treasure! Already looking forward to the next one.


- Emma

I understand why I was feeling this intense energy the past few months. My natal moon is in Aries and the progressive moon is there too. Thank you for taking the time to make this! I took a lot of notes. I even drew up a little calendar for my progressive Moon cycles in the coming years. 

- Aseyla